Get the quality, quantity and price you need, with our high capacity
and high tonnage power metal presses.
Metal shaping

At National Industries, custom metal stamping and pressing isn't just about shaping metal — it's about combining precision and power. Equipped with a robust lineup of high-capacity power presses, our seasoned toolmakers also specialise in crafting custom tooling solutions. From large-scale production runs to bespoke specifications, we can deliver to your brief, to your budget and to your timeframe.

With years of experience expertly developing tooling to meet our clients' requirements, the team at National Industries has likely been pressing metal longer than your new apprentice has been having birthdays! Over that time, we have adjusted and evolved our practices and our equipment so we remain at the forefront of custom metal stamping and pressing, enabling us to better serve every one of our clients.

Across automotive and aerospace, appliances and electronics, construction and events, our team has fulfilled orders by providing premium pressed metal components, produced through processes from sheet bending to blanking, drawing to punching.

At National Industries, one of the reasons we have survived and thrived for so long, is our ability to deliver custom metal stamping and pressing projects to the unique specifications of our clients. Expertise and excellence in bespoke solutions doesn't happen overnight, so over the last 60 years, we have focused on getting all the components in place that empower us to lead the way, today.

Our teams in Victoria and Queensland not only bring years or even decades of individual experience, they regularly undertake training to ensure they understand and work with the latest best practices.

We support this with ongoing investment in the most cutting-edge machinery and techniques, and we round out our flexibility by offering extensive options and combinations of materials, sizes and finishings.

When it comes to springs, wire forms and metal fabrication, we bend over backward to make sure our clients get exactly what they need.

Your specs

High standards? That's an understatement -- we have the highest standards! If it doesn't have the best materials, best finishes and draw on the best practices, chances are you didn't get it from National Industries!

Carefully briefed, planned and executed using modern and often automated machinery, each of our custom metal stamping and pressing projects is undertaken using processes that guarantee precision results.

High standards

Before our clients ever see their completed project, it is reviewed as part of our quality assurance process to ensure all specifications have been met. If it doesn't tick every single box, it's back to the drawing board.

For us quality isn't just considered at the end of the project. Every manufactured part is visually and mechanically inspected throughout production, Kanban scheduling is used to keep them on track, and even the most complex of requirements is met every time.

At National Industries, you can expect excellence.

We don't subscribe to the idea that custom metal stamping and pressing processes have to be complex, just because your specification is — we have worked for six decades to refine and optimise our approach so it is easy, yet highly effective.

We have completed custom metal stamping and pressing projects for a variety of clients, here are some of their stories.