About us

Our team works together to make National Industries one of the most progressive metal fabrication services in Australia.

National Industries has been a firm and proud fixture in the wire, spring and metal fabrication industry for more than half a century. Our story begins with the convergence of key players motivated by growth and a hunger for innovation, and continues with that same focus, today.

  • 1964
    National Industries merged with Industrial Springs in Victoria.
  • 1970s
    After several acquisitions of its own, Apex Springs merged with National Industries.
  • 1989
    The group moved to Campbellfield, Victoria, under one name, Aust-Group Springs Pty Ltd.
  • 1991
    Aust-Group Springs acquired the Salter Spring Division.
  • 1995
    Aust-Group Springs renamed to National Springs & Wire Products Pty Ltd, and acquired Brisbane spring company, Chessell Springs Pty Ltd.
  • 1998
    National Springs & Wire Proucts acquired Lloyd B Moss Springs.
  • 2012
    The group renamed to National Industries Pty Ltd, to reflect our diversification into laser cutting, and raw materials sales.

While we know and fully believe agility is important, we also deeply understand that a business without a robust foundation, a clear philosophy, a way of working and consistent standards that apply in every situation, is a business without strength, integrity and the type of character that sees it stick around for a really long time.

Though they have evolved, our pillars are that foundation for us. They are the five elements of our business, our essence, that keep us on track, asking the right questions, giving the right answers and growing in the right direction.

Every member of our team is hired for their experience, and their passion for continuous learning and enhancement of their skills. As a business, we have witnessed and been a part of the changes in the metal fabrication industry for 60 years, always drawing on what we know and what we've learned, while still looking to the future. We bring that vast experience, those diverse and comprehensive learnings to every customer and every project, so you too can benefit from six decades of expertise.

Almost any service can be undertaken in a variety of different ways, and the method selected has a significant impact on performance. Our investment in technology and our people is driven by our dedication to working in a high-performance environment and always delivering above and beyond the expectations of those we serve. The tenets of our performance philosophy are simple: efficiency and excellence, always.

At the heart of our business, is the genuine partnerships we foster with our customers. You come to us with a challenge that needs solving, and we commit ourselves to solving it, firstly by listening, so we can help you define it accurately, and then by sharing our skills and expertise with you, to execute on the vision we have framed together. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our seamless project management, our clear communication, and our friendly approach.

Like many in our industry, we are regularly audited to ensure we keep pace with world standards such as ISO 9001. But for us, quality isn't just a tick box, it's a necessity and something we very much pride ourselves on. We employ stringent quality assurance processes on every single project, and the latest techniques to pave the way for ever-improving outcomes.

New metal fabrication technology is something we can truly get loud about — we are 100% here for it! Over six decades, we have seen technology change markedly, and we have embraced and even celebrated it. We are a business for today, and for tomorrow, and we know that inherently means never shying away from what is on the way, but exploring it with an open mind, and finding ways to apply it for the benefit of our people, our business and our clients.

We also know a successful business is about much more than just delivering excellent quality products — it's about how you deliver them.

To foster genuine relationships with our clients (something we are known for!) and to ensure our business remains wired for the future in a way that benefits our people and the people we serve, in addition to our pillars, we live and work by these company values.

Living in the moment is essential, even in business. Being mindful of best practices now, monitoring quality and safety, producing the absolute best we can, is of critical importance.

But businesses that don't look ahead, that aren't intrigued by what is to come, the innovation being developed, are businesses that will be left behind.

Wired for the future

We have lasted, grown, flourished for 60 years because we acknowledge where we come from and where we are, but we keep a firm eye on what's coming — whether that's equipment or programming, techniques or entirely new services — so we can continue to enjoy longevity, lead this industry, and ensure our business and our clients benefit from advancement.

To us, being wired has two meanings — it is being excited and enthusiastic, but it is also about how you are put together or constructed, and for our people and our leaders here at National Industries, we are both incredibly positive and amped up for the future and for further innovation, and we have also been made to thrive in an evolving world.

It is more than 50 people across two Australian locations who bring their skills, experience and dedication to work every day,
to go above and beyond for our clients.

Our people