At National Industries, our team is proud to work with clients that represent a range of critical sectors from across Australia and the world. For some of them – our defence clients, our unicorns and corporate giants, our clients with patents and proprietary parts – privacy is everything.

This case study covers a project we undertook for a large transport provider that has requested anonymity due to compliance requirements.

Transport components
The background

One of our greatest pleasures at National Industries is the opportunity to work with and support clients that have an impact on the communities around them and us.

In Australia, millions of people take public transport to get to work, school or tourist locations every year, and ensuring that transport is safe, smooth and on time, helps ensure communities keep moving.

This client, a critical public transport provider, came to National Industries with a part another supplier had been producing for some time, concerned at difficulties in its production. In response to the brief, we not only solved their problem, but introduced new materials and finishes that increased the reliable lifespan of its component.

On the surface, this one was a nice and straightforward project in comparison to our electronic vehicle or phone tool projects – we were provided an existing component, with a tried and tested design, and a clear process for production.

The client informed us the reason they were seeking a new supplier was that the existing supplier was not able to produce the 12kg, complex, heavy-duty spring component to its requirements. In their industry, a component not to spec could have serious implications for reliability and safety.

We reviewed the component, and while we immediately concluded we could produce it in its existing state, we also recognised the client could benefit from some improvements that could save them money in the medium-term and improve the performance of the component over a longer period of time.

Our project management team provided the client with three quotes, always aware we want to ensure we answer the exact brief provided, as well as offering opportunities to go above and beyond. We delivered three options: the current finish, an improved finish, and a top-of-the-line finish, explaining the differences in the three, and what the client could expect as a result.

The client’s team of engineers – experienced and skilled themselves – selected the top-of-the line solution, recognising that the change in finish would enable the component to last longer, and would further minimise any risk of corrosion or weakening. They had never been offered these other finishing options by their previous supplier.

Our production team manufactured the component to spec, with zero defects, going the extra mile to add caps, assemble and powder coat to reduce exposure the environment, and provided each, ready to install.

To further enhance our service, and our ongoing relationship, we stamp each component with a unique identification number that is entered into our tracking system, enabling them to access information about every individual component we produced for them, as they run their own maintenance schedules.

We now provide the full supply of these components – more than 600 – to the client, every year.

The client was very impressed by initiative, experience, and the options we presented, and by the end result – so much so that we are their only supplier for this component now. Just as important to us, we developed an incredibly strong relationship with them, both at a company and team level, with past members of their team now reaching out to us for their new employers’ needs.

“We have the latest machinery and technology, and facilities of highly experienced experts in their area of specialisation, and while that is something we are very proud of, what actually makes us stand out is the way we really analyse every brief we are given, every problem we are presented with, and present solutions that no one else does.”

Anthony, GM

Why did we get this project? We didn’t just deliver a component that matched what their previous supplier, now unable to deliver, was providing to them. We worked to go above and beyond and deliver them something better than what they had first envisioned was possible.